Director Brandon Colvin
Writer Brandon Colvin
Producer Brandon Colvin
Producer Tony Oswald
Producer Michael Sellers
Cinematographer Aaron Granat
Editor Tony Oswald
Runtime 72 minutes
Country USA

Baggy-but-kempt professor Ben (Robert Longstreet, Take Shelter, Pineapple Express) takes a leave of absence to return home. There, in the house of his ailing mother, who has just suffered a stroke, he’ll work on his book. Over the course of his visit, he also copes with the sullen presence of his hard-luck younger brother Dylan and seeks the comfort of his mother’s caregiver Sarah.
Proceeding with formal boldness and extreme deliberation, Sabbatical inhabits a world where characters speak with without conciliating humor or hesitation. Although their trimmed speech betrays little emotion, their fearless delivery and the silence between them is revelatory. This ruthless austerity might just force you to confront the words and faces on the screen with fresh eyes, as you might regard your home and family after a long time away. -Jonathan Kieran

Scheduled to attend: director Brandon Colvin, producer Tony Oswald.